Why Are Millions of Spiders Invading Thousands of Trees and Why Is It Good News?

Why Are Millions of Spiders Invading Thousands of Trees and Why Is It Good News?

Jesus Diaz — These huge trees are fully covered with thousands of spiderwebs, something never before seen in Sindh, Pakistan, where this photo was taken. Yes, it’s a eewrifying image, but it has had a surprisingly positive effect on the population of this heavily punished part of the world. How, you scream?

These spiders usually crawl on the ground but, when the massive July 2010 floods took over one fifth of the 307,374 square miles of Pakistani land, they escaped to the trees. The water is taking a long time to recede, so they thought it may be a good idea to adapt to the situation, establish camp and have a big party up there. The results is thousands of cocooned trees all around.

Gross? It is. But the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development thinks that the massive spiderwebs are a blessing and the eight-legged furry beasties are Bill Gates’ new best friends. It seems that these giant sticky pompoms are capturing mosquitoes by the truckload. According to the people in these areas, the mosquito levels are extremely low for this time of the year. Even more so taking into account the vast amount of stagnant water, which acts as a nursery for those bloody winged buggers. As a result, the risk of a malaria plague is a lot lower than what everyone was expecting.

In other words: Thank you, spiders! P.S. If I see any of you around my house, however, I’ll smash you faster than Doctor Octopus.

Squished bugs maim bike rider in Surfers

Squished bugs maim bike rider in Surfers

Jessica Johnston   |  March 26th, 2011

A FREAK beetle plague invading Gold Coast beaches has claimed its first casualty, with a cyclist shattering his hip, collarbone and ribs after his bike skidded in mounds of dead bugs.

Southport man Ken Tomkins, 61, will be bedridden for six weeks following the bizarre accident on Wednesday morning.

Mr Tomkins said he noticed the slick as he rode along The Esplanade at Surfers Paradise about 5.30am but initially thought it was water or leaves.

He hit the bugs, piled to the edge of the road by a council street sweeper, at about 25km/h.

The mark of excellence in pest management ~ Hulett Enviromental

What Is QualityPro?

QualityPro is an initiative designed to increase professionalism in the pest management industry. This dynamic program certifies companies based on comprehensive standards. Known as “the mark of excellence in pest control,” the QualityPro designation can be achieved by ensuring that all employees voluntarily ascribe to a set of standards far above what is required by state and federal regulations.

Reserved exclusively for member companies of the National Pest Management Association, QualityPro companies are a distinguished group that continue to act as leaders and pioneers to better serve consumers across the country. Therefore, it is with great pride that we recommend you look for the QualityPro logo the next time you select a professional to eliminate your pest problems.

Here are some examples of QualityPro standards that must be met before a company can achieve this exclusive designation:

  1. All Employees must undergo a comprehensive background check before ever showing up to service your account.
  2. Companies must have a drug-free workplace policy that not only prohibits illegal drugs, but also requires employees to notify management if they are using prescribed medication that may impair their judgment, driving ability, performance or behavior.
  3. Motor vehicle record checks must be conducted on all employees that drive a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for company business.
  4. Each employee that shows up to your residence or business is required to adhere to a strict uniform dress code and service vehicle maintenance and appearance policy. (We want to make a great first impression…no leaking oil on your driveway or dirty boots on your carpet!)
  5. QualityPro ensures that companies must provide you with a warranty/service agreement that clearly outlines the scope of service in BOLD type on the first page of the contract.
  6. Clear communication practices must be followed, including procedures for contacting the customer to schedule the inspection and notification.
  7. Sales and service technicians must first meet testing minimums before they are eligible to work on your account. QualityPro feels that testing and training are among the most important aspects of any service industry.
  8. The QualityPro program also contains an environmental stewardship aspect that requires companies to offer integrated pest Management services (IPM) to its customers. If you would like more information on what “IPM” means, just ask your service provider.
  9. Advertising practices are put in place to ensure that companies don’t make false claims when soliciting your business. No images, words or misleading terminology!
  10. All companies that enroll in the QualityPro program must have insurance minimums in place for workers comp, general liability and vehicles.

In addition, we here at QualityPro, strive to ensure that all companies in the program are meeting these criteria through continually conducting random audits on all program members.

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Killer bees attack soccer players

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Wal-Mart launches “Bug Crunch”

Wal-Mart is launching a new insect snack mix! Get the details in the article below.

Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 By Elsa Akesson

BENTONVILLE, AR – Wal-Mart has begun selling a crunchy snack mix that contains real insects!

Wal-Mart launched “Bug Crunch” a new line of salty, baked insects as part of their effort to branch out to new markets, as well as the larger global economy.

Wal-Mart admits they are taking a risk. But they are starting slow by launching just three flavors:

– Ranch Locust

– Barbeque Beetle

– Classic Cricket

Suzanne McNally, the head of Wal-Mart’s global nutrition initiative defended the decision to sell Bug Crunch at a press conference on Tuesday. “Insects are a great source of protein. We wanted to make them accessible to people who are looking for a healthy alternative to pork chops and ribeyes. Insects are a delicacy in many parts of the world. Now they are available for Joe the Plumber and people like him.”

Food critics all over the world received samples of each variety earlier this week. While none were willing to go on record before their official reviews were published, most agreed that Bug Crunch was an exciting addition to the world snack sector.

A dining critic at the New York Times requested to remain anonymous, but gave a brief review. “Plain and simple, they’re good. They have good crunch, a bit of salt, and a touch of earthy sweet. I will definitely serve the Classic Cricket at my next cocktail party as a bar snack paired with a fresh peach salsa or a spicy mango chutney.”

Expect to see all three flavors at your local Wal-Mart by the start of next week.
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