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Change of season equals change in pests

Change of season equals change in pests

As the weather changes from a hundred and devil spit degrees to a more manageable 80-90 degrees throughout fall, a different group of pests may choose to invade your home. It is very important to stop them in their tracks before you have a total infestation.

Mice are one of the main household pests that will appear during the cooler months as they try to find a warm happy home full of table scraps and crumbs to feast on. One may look cute from across the room but keep in mind there is never only one. This isn’t Highlander.

Some tips to protect your home from these furry beady eyed critters are to check both inside and outside your home for holes and openings, and seal them with caulk. Clear clutter of dead branches, fire wood, etc. away from the side of your home, pests can make their homes there, and that is too close for comfort. Clean your home often, I know that sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised. Sweep away any cobwebs you may find and move your furniture periodically to vacuum any webs not seen on a daily basis.

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Gross, but clean

Gross, but clean

Insects are nasty is probably one of the most commonly used phrases used when discussing bugs. However, are they really nasty or do they just make you feel gross?

Ants specifically seem like nasty little insects. They crawl through anything they can to get to their food source. However, they are actually extremely clean and they have to be to keep their work going. Ants have a joint on each of the front of their legs that when bent forms a type of clamp. They use this clamp to remove dirt and pollen and anything else stuck to their legs.

Ants actually are very meticulous on purpose. Their world revolves around the small hairs on their legs which sense the smells of food sources. If dirt and pollen clog up the hairs, they are unable to “smell” where they are going and where their next dinner is coming from.

While they may burrow through some nasty filth, ants are actually very clean little worker insects. They can however take over your home and patio in no time. It is important to keep an eye out for an emerging colony and call your local pest control company if you are worried about an infestation.

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The largest scorpion!

The largest scorpion

Did you know scorpions haven’t always been just land dwellers? Scientists have found the oldest and largest sea scorpion. While it lived 460 million years ago, the size alone of the discovery is turning heads today.

The scorpion measured nearly six feet in length and predates any other version of the species scientists had previously found. Studies show that this sea scorpion is actually very close to the scorpions we see today, just on a larger level. They had bodies with the same 12 segments, a head and tail on each end. The only major difference of course besides the sheer size, being these six foot long scorpions lived in the ocean. It is theory that these creatures were soft and worm like with impressive jaws. The scientists who found them rightfully named the species after an ancient Greek warship that resembled the likely shape and aggressive behavior.

Scorpions today are still not an insect you want to mess with. Their stings can be painful and even deadly to those with allergies, the elderly and small children. They hide in brush and other collected vegetation near your home. If you think you have an issue with scorpions, call your local pest control company to come review and formulate a plan of attack.

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What Are the Most Effective Termite Control Treatments and How Much Do They Typically Cost?

Our warm and humid climate provides the perfect conditions for all types of termites to call South Florida home. There are two types of homes in Florida: those that have termites and those that will. Termite infestations can be a major problem for home and business owners and can cause dangerous and expensive damage. You may never actually see them – until you discover that they’ve done serious damage. And the “do-it-yourself” products will seldom eradicate an existing termite problem and can sometimes compound the issue making the situation worse.

Call The Professionals at Hulett.

Getting rid of termites in your home requires professional skills and knowledge, particularly when trying to identify potential points of entry that are hidden or difficult to access. Termite infestations can be difficult to manage but you can rest easy knowing that Hulett can guide you through the entire process—from identifying the infestation to completing the inspection and following through with the proper treatment, customized for your home.

Professional Termite Treatment

As soon as you see any signs of termite damage, you know that getting rid of termites is an important and urgent problem that needs to be addressed. If left untreated, termites can continue to cause costly damage. Whether your home is infested by drywood termites or subterranean termites, addressing the issue as quickly as possible is the key to limiting the damage caused by these “silent invaders.” Just call Hulett immediately if you suspect you have termites.

Not All Treatments Are The Same.

As part of your free termite inspection, Hulett’s trained HealthyHomeTM inspectors will evaluate your home’s layout, locate all potential sources of termite nesting and identify penetration points in and around your home. Hulett will find the solution that is right for you and will recommend a customized treatment method that is right for your situation. Factors like type of structure, size and age of home, type of construction and foundation, severity of infestation and type of termite will determine the best solution for your home. Hulett can treat termites in several ways:

Hulett takes pride in taking care of our customers and uses only the highest quality products and equipment while treating in an environmentally responsible fashion. Termite colonies thrive in South Florida’s environment but you can stop them before they do their damage. Safeguard your home today, Just Call Hulett to schedule your FREE Termite Inspection with no obligation.

Fact or fiction? How to get rid of summer pests

Why is it so difficult to get rid of those pesky pests? There are a ton of DIY tips and tricks but, of course, the only real answer is talking to your local pest control company to evaluate and treat on a regular basis. However, here are some tips to get you by.

  • Orange peels will keep the cockroaches away. It is not a long-term solution and if you see one roach there’s bound to be up to thousands more. There is a chemical in the peel of the orange that will deter cockroaches from coming around.
  • Dry Grits or oatmeal will not help your ant problem. Many people have heard the old wives’ tale that says that when a fire ant consumes the grits and then drinks water, the grits expand in their belly, causing death. Simply put, that is a false theory.
  • Bags of water near a light source will, in fact, repel flies. It’s not the magic of water in a baggie hanging on the wall that does the trick. It is actually the light reflection of the water that confuses these simple-minded insects. When they are confused, they stay away.

There are many tips you can try to keep the pests at bay. For more information, please click here.


How cockroaches are different than humans

How cockroaches are different than humans

There are many ways of course that cockroaches are different than humans, but mostly lets discuss bodies. For instance why do cockroaches die on their backs with their legs in the air?

To know the answer to this question is simply to look at them. Cockroaches have rounded backs that are greasy, with a body that is able to be flat. That flat body is what allows them to squeeze in through the cracks in your walls. Commonly used insecticides induce muscle spasms and can confuse the cockroaches, which of course makes them look like a turtle stuck on their back.

Their body oddities are also what allows them to walk up walls whereas of course we humans cannot. Cockroaches have three sets of legs which allow them the ability to go places and do things we can’t like walking up a wall or across glass without slipping.  Each set of these legs is controlled by their own nerves with a foot like claw at the bottom of the leg. There is no central nervous system like and brain in a human. Cockroaches can live without its head because there literally is no brain in there. If left in the wild, cockroaches typically will stick in groups of up to 50 to try to secure safety.

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Bugs – the key to new antibiotics?

Bugs – the key to new antibiotics?

A lab in England has been pampering ants in an attempt to rescue modern medicine. Ants and caterpillars with a taste for highly toxic plants may emit a bacteria in their stomach that might hold that key new antibiotics. The scientists think that if we release nature on itself, it might be the cure all to the superbugs that are an epidemic around the world. Traditional pharmaceutical remedies aren’t working as well as they used to and thinking ecologically may hold the answer.

This isn’t just a problem here in America. In South Africa, Tuberculosis is on the rise because traditional medicines don’t combat the disease anymore. The new strain of the disease, as well as Ebola shows us what can really happen when modern medicine isn’t so modern anymore, and can’t keep up with the spread. People sent from the hospital to die without a medication to help.

Scientists are looking specifically for populations of organisms that have been isolated. They believe those organisms and insects will have evolved differently and they might be able to produce a different chemistry.

This isn’t a new technology as more than half of the medicines currently on the market were found by bacteria, animals or plants, however; scientists hope bugs and their own unique bacteria will unlock the door to making humans healthy again.

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Terrifying facts about spiders

Terrifying facts about spiders

No one wants to think about them but they are around. Here are a few terrifying facts about spiders.

Spiders can and will crawl into your ear. A spider crawled into a sleeping woman’s ear in and stayed there for 5 days. Her only relief came after a doctor’s visit to flush it out. Spiders can hide in your food. The Brazilian wandering spider can cause human death by asphyxiation. Imagine biting into a banana and finding one of these spiders! Spiders throw a silk strand for web building, which can carry them flying through the air. While they cannot technically fly, it certainly looks like they do!

Spiders don’t just bite. Spiders actually liquefy their prey. First they find a way to make their prey not able to move, then they inject them with juices from their digestive systems. Those juices turn the internal organs of the prey into liquid. Some species of spiders are such aggressive hunters that they will actually chase their aggressors. Even if that means humans, spiders clearly have no fear.

One species of spider, the tarantula, has the ability to spray barbed hairs at their aggressors if they are scared.  These hairs are sprayed out of the tarantulas legs, and can help render the attacker paralyzed.

All in all, spiders are very interesting insects that can be very terrifying at times.

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Bands to stop flies?

Bands to stop flies?

A new patient announces that World Patent Marketing has created a new repellant in the form of the Bug Band. This is an invention that will allow humans to accurately eliminate household bugs without running around the house spraying chemicals from a can.

This novel invention is easy to use and effective in the elimination of bugs. These bands are being described as tools for those who have either not used aim or dexterity or who have lessened capabilities. They are meant to be for an instant bug killer opposed to practical prevention. They are filled with not toxic chemical ingredients that can be shot with accuracy from up to 10 feet away.

The company also includes targets so the user can do shooting practice before attempting to aim at the fly on the wall. The bands are described as less tiring than swatting around the old fly swatter, and with their ease of use, they are sure to be a novel invention that might change how we get rid of common household flies that can take over our homes in no time.

I can’t help but think of a band similar to Spiderman’s magic bracelet that sprays its web when needed. But I can also see how a person’s hand/eye coordination could improve with each downed fly.

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Gone as quickly as they came

Gone as quickly as they came

The Burning Man festival took over the internet recently, not for the activities scheduled but instead because of a major infestation on the festival grounds. Nasty thoughts to think about, so many bugs in one spot that emerges in a nightmarish fashion?

The main culprits of the chaos were stink bugs and seed bugs. They seemed to be attracted to the area due to the changes in the weather recently.  With the monsoonal type of rain and blooming desert plants, the festival grounds turned into a food heaven for these insects.

The stink bugs and seed bugs weren’t doing anything harmful or even weird or gross as you would assume. They were drawn to the food for them and while stink bugs do omit an awful smell, they do ward off some other insects. Unfortunately, some workers in the area did report that the seed bugs were biting as well as the stink bugs well, stinking. Setting up for the festival may not have been under the best circumstances, but everything worked out for the best. The good news is that just as quickly as the bugs arrived they took their swarm on to a new home.

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