Exterminators in West Palm Beach seeing an Increase in Fire Ants

Exterminators in West Palm BeachFire ants are stinging insects that are usually bright red in color. There are more than 285 different species of fire ants, which produce large mounds of dirt that disrupt the local terrain. They can also attack other insects and even small animals by biting them and then injecting them with a toxin. While they are not deadly to humans, they are bothersome, and are being noticed in increasing numbers by exterminators in West Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach Post first reported on the local infestation around a year ago. This publication reported that residents in Palm Beach Colony, a neighborhood located in nearby Royal Palm Beach, claim their area is infested with these bothersome creatures. These residents claim that the ants are so abundant in number that they are infesting trees and shrubs in their community and causing their premature death.

It seems that moving about has also been made more difficult due to the fire ant invasion. At least one resident of Palm Beach Colony claims that she is bitten on a daily basis while taking her walks, and has been forced to carry alcohol pads with her in order to minimize the pain she feels whenever they bite her. Another woman claims she has given up her daily walks altogether due to the same issue.

Since fire ant can get underground, they may also pose a threat to buried utility lines. Florida Power and Light has reportedly experienced problems because of fire ants in recent years, often finding them in foreclosed properties because there has been no attempt made to eliminate them once they have become established.

Fire ants can cause disruption to your life, as these nearby residents will attest. If you find yourself infested with these creatures, don’t wait, because they can multiply quickly. Instead, contact us so that we can help you get rid of them as soon as possible.

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