West Palm Beach Pest Control Pro Talks About Crazy Ants

West Palm Beach Pest ControlThere are many multi-legged creatures that call the Sunshine State home. One of the more recent ones to set up shop in West Palm Beach is the crazy ant. Unlike other ants found in our area, they have something uniquely in common with today’s society, a love of technology.

Yes, you most definitely read that right. We said a love of technology. Originally from the Caribbean, the ants are known to gravitate towards heat and heat producing electronics. Hence, you’ll often find them near power plants, outdoor hot tub motors, HVAC units and generators. They have also been known to crawl inside of laptops, cell phones, desk top computers, tablets and other electronic mobile devices that can accommodate their 2.6 to 3 mm long frames.

“How much heat do they need?”, you may ask. In our experience, they tend to prefer temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So that pretty much makes West Palm Beach the crazy ants’ Shangri-La. A love of heat is not the only odd characteristic associated with this West Palm Beach pest. Their bodies expand after eating to the point that they appear to have stretch marks. In addition, they tend to have really long antennae.

They are also known to travel in mass, colonize in more than one place at once and accept a multitude of queens. In some instances, more than 35 queens may be present. At this point, there seems to be no definitive answer on how many offspring each one may produce. However, given the size of their colonies and swarms we can only assume that it’s a substantial number.

With that said, should you wake up one morning and find that your property is the site of a crazy ant infestation, be sure to contact us toll-free at (866) 611-2847. Hulett Environmental Services’ West Palm Beach pest control pros can help you deal with the crazy ants as well as other Florida loving pests.

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