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BASF: Pest Talk Featured Blog

Blog(s) We Like: “Hulett Environmental Services” and “AB-Con Termite & Pest Control Professionals”

Sep 19, 2012  |  Pest Problems & Trends  | 

As leaves start turning colors and the nip of fall creeps into the air, a signal is sent to bugs:  it’s time to seek refuge.

When temperatures drop outdoors, pests come indoors. The average home becomes a destination for infestation. And like most unwelcomed guests, insects aren’t eager to leave.

To help you eradicate these pests, we’re featuring two “Blogs We Like” this month, one from Hulett Environmental Services and the other from AB-Con Termite & Pest Control Professionals. These blogs contain information to help Pest Management Professionals as summer turns to fall, including:

  • Information on pests and how to eliminate them
  • The latest on pest control products
  • Pests in the news
  • Prevention vs. control