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Picture of a rat on Mars stirs controversy

A recent image that has been making its round across internet sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg, and Stumble Upon is creating a heated debate on the web. The image (pictured below) appears to be a rat on the surface of mars in a picture captured by Nasa’s curiosity rover.


Internet bloggers and people from various parts of the world have come up with their own reasoning for the rat on mars. One the popular conspiracy theories is that NASA is running secret animal experiments on mars and one of the animals has escaped. Cory S. with Discover Blogs had a great response to this theory, “If scientists want to know how animals react to thin air and cold temperatures, they could easily do that experiment in the lab and save a billion dollars. Like most conspiracy theories, the fun of it lies entirely on the idea that somebody has a secret. Logic is not required.”
So what do you think? How did this rat end up on mars? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Rodent Control Tips

It’s much easier to prevent a rodent infestation than to remove them after they’ve turned your home into their new residence. Here are a few steps homeowners can take to keep their homes rodent-free:

  • Seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home to help prevent rodents from finding easy entryways.
  • Keep shrubberies cut back from the house and store firewood a good distance away. The NPMA recommends that you tore firewood at least 20 feet from the home and five inches off the ground.
  • Rodents can hide in clutter, so keep areas clear and store boxes off of the floor.
  • Keep food in tightly sealed containers and clean up crumbs and spills.
  • If you find rodent feces, hear sounds of scurrying in the walls or observe other signs of an infestation, contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the pest problem.

For further information on rodents or if you have other questions related to your pest control needs, visit www.bugs.com

Woman Hospitalized For 17 Days After Kissing Pet Rats

Let this be a lesson to all, no kissing pet rats!

FOXNews.com: Woman Hospitalized For 17 Days After Kissing Pet Rats

An Australian woman who kissed and cuddled her pet rodents was admitted to the intensive care unit with rat bite fever.

An article by South Australian Pathology employees, in Monday’s Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), said the 26-year-old office worker spent 17 days in the Royal Adelaide Hospital last year after she contracted the potentially deadly condition, more properly known as streptobacillus moniliformis infection.

Co-author of the article and infectious diseases physician Dr. Narin Bak said the woman was admitted to the intensive care unit with severe headache and fever and developed severe pneumonitis and meningitis (inflammation of the lungs and brain).

“This condition was more prevalent in the past and is associated with slums and poor living conditions,” Bak said.

The woman, who has since fully recovered, was not bitten, but said she had liked to kiss and cuddle her two pets.

“As this case demonstrates, a bite is not necessary for infection. Close contact with rodents may be sufficient,” the MJA report said.

The Australian Veterinary Association and health officials said good hygiene, particularly hand washing, is important after contact with pets.