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Scary Food Fact: Beetle Eggs In Canned Asparagus? The FDA Says It’s OK

Scary Food Fact: Beetle Eggs In Canned Asparagus? The FDA Says It’s OK

Scary Food Fact No. 1: FDA Allows Rodent Hairs And Bugs into Peanut Butter, and Beetle Eggs in Canned Asparagus

When dealing with produce that has been harvested from the field, it’s pretty difficult to ensure that every teeny tiny critter that may have hopped onto a leaf or a stem, or nibbled their way inside of a tasty fruit is removed before the produce is processed and sold to the consumer. And after all, if you eat a little maggot, insect larvae or even a smidgen of mammalian excreta, you’ll probably be just fine. In fact, the FDA is so certain you won’t suffer any adverse effects from ingesting minuscule amounts of insects, or “excreta” or rodent hairs (well those rodents, they do get everywhere) that it has published a little booklet called the Defect Level Handbook that advises food manufacturers as to what amounts of contamination from (harmless) foreign material are acceptable. When it comes to frozen or canned asparagus, the maximum level of contamination is “10% by count of spears or pieces {that} are infested with 6 or more attached asparagus beetle eggs and/or sacs.” With frozen broccoli, come in under  an “average of 60 or more aphids and/or thrips and/or mites per 100 grams” and it’s all good. As for cinnamon bark, more than an “average of 1 mg or more {of} mammalian excreta per pound” will get you in trouble. And when it comes to peanut butter, manufacturers can turn a blind eye to an “average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams,” but no more.

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Scientists are creating super soldier ants

Scientists are creating super soldier ants…a good idea?

Researchers and scientists from McGill University in Canada had discovered that the ant species Pheidole morrisi has all the tools needed to become a big headed monster. All the researchers had to do was dab an ant larvae with a hormone and like magic a regular worker ant became a super soldier. Pictured below. Read the full story on the Daily Mail.

VIa http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/01/06/article-2082799-0F59237D00000578-750_634x438.jpg

Do you think this is a good idea?

GIANT Rat Found Inside Foot Locker

Checkout this great article from Thegothamist.com. It’s about a giant rat that was found in a Foot Locker in the Bronx. It won’t disappoint, I promise.

Giant Rat Found Inside Of A Foot Locker In The Bronx

By Jen Carlson

A couple days ago someone Tweeted this photo of a giant monster rat, discovered at a Foot Locker in the Bronx. You might recognize this guy, as he bears a striking resemblance to the 3-foot-long beast that was stabbed with a pitchfork in Brooklyn last year. That one was believed to be a Gambian pouched rat, and may have been someone’s escaped pet. However, it wasn’t the first one spotted in that area, and locals believed they were multiplying faster than Gremlins taking a bath.

With this spotting in the Bronx, we think it’s safe to say this superbreed of mutant rat is priming for a takeover of the five boroughs (everyone grab some Mountain Dew). Was there anything in that Mayan prophecy about rodents?

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Genetically Altered Mosquitoes Will Have to Wait

A plan by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control district to release genetically altered mosquitoes in an attempt to curb their numbers will have to wait. According to the Miami Herald the ultimate delay is due to confusion over government permits. The plan is to have the altered mosquitoes compete with the natural mosquitoes and the altered mosquitoes have been bred to produce offspring that die young. They are expecting to move the promising plan back to late spring. If you want to learn more about Florida Mosquito control checkout our bug database!


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