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Crazy Ants

Crazy Ants

IPM Explained – Integrated Pest Management in Florida

IPM is a process involving common sense methods and environmentally friendly solutions for controlling pests. The approach incorporates three basic steps: inspection, identification and treatment by a pest professional.

There are a few standard pest prevention protocols in every IPM program:

  • Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home including entry points for utilities and pipes.
  • Screen vents and openings to chimneys, and keep tree shrubbery well trimmed and away from the house.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture and keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated.
  • Store garbage in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly.
  • Keep counters, floors and other surfaces clean and free of crumbs.
  • Store food in plastic or glass containers with secure lids.
  • Vacuum often.

IPM Explained – Integrated Pest Management in Florida

National Pest Management Association Urges Careful Pest Professional Selection

National Pest Management Association Urges Careful Pest Professional Selection

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IPM is an environmentally responsible system that is embraced by most pest professionals.  It involves managing pests by eliminating their sources of food, water and shelter.  Effective IPM requires a thorough understanding of pest biology and habits, and incorporates three steps: inspection, identification and treatment.  When conducted by a trained and licensed pest professional, an IPM program can significantly reduce pest populations in and around schools.

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health found that one of the highest reported allergens were cockroaches, with sensitivity occurring in more than 25% of the study population. An IPM program can help to reduce the dangerously high levels of the irritants from the air our children are breathing in schools.”

Hulett Environmental Services offers the following tips for finding a qualified pest professional:

  • Always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company that is a member of national, state or local pest management association.
  • Ask friends and neighbors to recommend companies they have used successfully and how satisfied they were with the service.
  • Before signing a contract, be sure to fully understand the nature of the pest to be exterminated, the extent of the infestation, and the work necessary to solve the problem.
  • Buy value, not price.

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