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Efficient and Responsible Fort Lauderdale Pest Control Services from Hulett Environmental Services

Pests like termites, spiders, roaches, mice, rats or fleas are among the most common problems that owners of homes and commercial properties are faced with all across the U.S., South Florida being no exception, but our efficient Fort Lauderdale Pest Control services can help you solve your pest-related problems quickly and efficiently.

Pests have no place in a home or an office, yet numerous property owners face seemingly unstoppable pest invasions. Very often, pests attack homes and commercial properties that are impeccably clean and seemingly have no orifices to serve as access points for termites or rodents. These creatures are usually very small and they can get in through any tiny hole in your walls or through vents, so the most important phase of any pest control procedure is to inspect the exterior of your property and to seal the entry methods that pests can use.

Even if property owners inspect their building for cracks and holes and they find none, in most cases, they may be wrong: mice can get into the building through holes the size of a coin, while termites, ants, spiders and other insects can get in through microscopic openings that require proper training and expertise to notice.

The Fort Lauderdale Pest Control services offered by Hulett focus on addressing the root of the problem. Our trained and experienced technicians and entomologists know exactly how pests operate and we check every inch of your property to close off any small crack and orifice on the building and cut off the access of these small creatures.

Once the entry ways are blocked, we go after the pests that are already inside and we set up pest barriers to stop the little invaders from coming back. Our environmentally responsible Fort Lauderdale Pest Control programs utilize only the most modern gels and baits. We have replaced the spray products used in the past with various low-dose baits and gels that are much more efficient than the old ways, and they will not emanate any foul smell.

The products we use will protect not only your home, but your health and the environment as well, being efficient not only in eliminating the pests from your home, but also in keeping them away. In the final phase of the pest control process, we set up an efficient barrier around your property to help stop the uninvited visitors from coming back.

The modern Fort Lauderdale Pest Control and No Tent Termite Control services provided by Hulett make use of the latest pest control technologies and we are quick and affordable as well. Our services are available 24 hours a day, including Saturdays, so if you notice a pest problem on your property, don't wait, contact us right away - our expert team can schedule the inspection within 24 hours of placing your call.

Our Fort Lauderdale Pest Control services have proven their efficiency over the years, so hiring us is completely risk-free: if we cannot drive away the pests invading your home, we will refund your money.

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