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Hulett's 1,000,000 Damage WarrantyHulett Environmental Services specializes in environmentally responsible pest prevention services.  Our programs utilize the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.  This strategy focuses on outside baiting in conducive areas, inspection, monitoring, and exclusion.  If there is an interior situation, then it is locally treated with a low impact formulation such as a bait or gel, rather than the old smelly spray approach.

  1. What makes your service 'green?'
    Hulett's pest prevention program is an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional pest control. Our focus is on the exterior of the property, where pest problems originate. Should a pest problem occur inside, we will inspect and strategically treat those areas using the most conservative methods possible.
  2. What types of products do you use?
    Hulett's program consists of pinpoint placement treatments utilizing low dose baits and gels, not the smelly sprays of the past. Should a spray product be necessary, low odor and minimal dose products are applied.
  3. Is it expensive to treat like this?
    Green strategies call for communication and inspection first, and then utilization of all the most modern treatment methods available if a problem is detected. Even with additional inspection time and premium products, Hulett's pest prevention program is still offered at a price that is competitive with most traditional pest control companies.
  4. Is it ok for my family?
    Hulett's pest prevention program focuses on protecting both you and your environment. Our methods are family and pet friendly and help to eliminate the health risks posed by pests.
  5. Don't all pest control companies do this kind of service?
    No, traditional pest control companies simply apply products in and around your home in a routine manner. Hulett's Healthy Home programs are designed by graduate entomologists and offer a more specific, customized approach.
  6. All this sounds great, but does it really work?
    Yes! Not only does Hulett's pest prevention program utilize an environmentally responsible approach, it is also GUARANTEED effective!

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