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Many homeowners believe that their trees and shrubs require little attention after planting, but watering, fertilization, and proper pruning are important to your landscape's investment.

What you can't see now can hurt your lawn's appearance later. While your lawn lies dormant and weather conditions tend to be wet, spring and summer weeds could be lurking in the grass. Lawns that have been thinned by disease or insects are especially susceptible to invasions of weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Most lawn diseases are caused by fungi, although grass species vary in their susceptibility to particular diseases. Other factors affecting disease development include the overall health of the lawn, prevalence of certain diseases in the geographic area, weather and seasonal conditions, and lawn maintenance practices.

Although their causes, symptoms, and treatments may vary, basics such as proper mowing and watering can help bolster your lawn's resistance to disease. That is why we have provided these helpful lawn tips for you or your landscaping company. These cultural practices will help give you a beautifully green yard when combined with one of Hulett's Lawn Care programs.

Still need more lawn advice? No problem! Our experts will address all of your concerns and questions during your FREE inspection of your lawn and shrubs. We will recommend the lawn program that is best for you, and that leads to a healthy, green landscape.

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