Beautiful Bugs Be honest: Is your first reaction to seeing an insect in your home a screech or gasp? If you answered yes, you are not alone! Most people cringe at the sight of insects or others pests in their home, which is why they hire a professional pest control company to keep critters away. But several photographers are asking us to take a step back and admire bugs for their beauty. This may sound like an absurd concept to some, but the intricacies of some insects can be very beautiful. And this is what photographer Pascal Goet wants people to understand, "The inspiration behind this is to disconnect man's repulsion for the insects and make them accept and at least, aesthetically, love them." You may be wondering, what is it about bugs that makes them so beautiful (at least to some!). According to Goet, "With insects you have strange shapes, you have behavior that's very strange, you have extraordinary colors. And this is very, very special." What do you think? Do you find bugs beautiful? Or at least interesting? Would you be interested in having a photograph of an insect in your home?