Become an Entomologist! Have you ever though about quitting your job? What about to become an entomologist? An entomologist is someone who studies insects. Some entomologists even get to travel to cool places around the world for research. A typical day involves a real mix of things. One of the main things is conducting research, spending time in the field and recording different insects. You also have to work on identifying different species, lab work, talks and presentations. Dr. Andrew Sallsbury is one of those people who started his career in entomology. He is a principal entomologist at the Royal Horticultural Society. Most of his research is specific to Coleoptera: beetles'. He says it's their sheer diversity that is what has always gotten him. His favorite beetle is the scarlet lily beetle, which is bright red and the adults even squeak! Sallsbury originally became interested in bug in primary school where one of his teachers kept a menagerie of creatures. He started off collecting caterpillar and watched them as they turned into butterflies. Have you ever though about being an entomologist?