Britain's Buff-Tailed Bumblebee Fever Britain has officially chosen its favorite insect. The Royal Society of Biology recently held a vote to decide the UK's favorite insect in the effort to raise the profile of insects and help raise awareness about the need for their conservation. The insect population is in constant danger from climate change, loss of habitat, and pesticides. While we may not be fond of these bugs, our lives actually depend on their survival. So, who won Britain's heart? According to the nationwide poll the buff-tailed bumblebee comes out on top by a landslide. Dr. Rebecca Nesbit, member of RSB and entomologist, suggests people are attracted to the bees' hard working nature, "Wasps interrupt your picnic, but there is something quite appealing about sitting in your garden and seeing a bumblebee hard at work. It's very noticeable in gardens and people are more aware of the valuable role bees play for us and the challenges they face at the moment." Insects are a vital part of our lives. Bees pollinate our crops and wildflowers, without which we'd have a serious problem in the food department, not to mention the effect on the environment. We depend on them for food, the wildlife that is integral to the circle of life, and our very economy. The RSB wants to increase conservation efforts to protect against the loss of these vital critters. In celebration of the buff-tailed bumblebee's win, the RSB is encouraging people to plant "bee-friendly" plants for theses hardworking bugs. Do you know how much humans actually depend on the existence of insects? How do you give back to your pint-sized neighbors?