Bug Booze Are you still not on the bug eating bandwagon? Well, this new tempting insect treat may just lure you over to the dark side. There is a new product out there called Critter Bitters, which is made with crickets. Now you can get your buzz on and your daily protein all in one step. According to Julia Plevin, the idea behind the bug booze is to get people used to tricking themselves into consuming insects, and slowly erase the ick factor through repeated exposure. This is then supposed to convince you to eventually actually try eating bugs. The product currently comes in two flavors. One is "pure cricket," which is simply toasted crickets mixed with alcohol. Plevin claims this is supposed to get people used to the taste of crickets, which is similar to a nut. There is also the toasted crickets version, which mixes roots and spices in with the bugs to give it a "sweet and woodsy" flavor. Lots of alcohol already tastes pretty terrible, so I can't imagine this being any worse. It may actually be a good way to introduce people to the idea of eating bugs. Would you try Critter Bitters? What are your thoughts on consuming insects for protein?