Bug Free Bbq Summer time is filled with social events and of course this includes the beloved bbq. If you know you are going to have one you can prevent unwanted buggers before the party even starts. At least a week before the festivities, make sure you repair all window and door screens and needed. If you find any standing water, such as in planters or other items in your yard, be sure to dump it as mosquitoes loves standing water to breed. Mosquitoes are also most active when most bbq's heat up. From dusk to dawn. Be sure to have a supply of spray for your guests or remind them that long sleeves are always a plus. Ants, yellow jackets and flies love bbqs as much as we do! Asks your guests to please make sure the doors are closed tightly behind them as the traffic flows in and out of your home. Serving food inside can help eliminate some of the attraction, as well as making sure all spills are cleaned up and trash is thrown away in a sealed container. Can and bottle can be a great hiding spot for a stinging pest. You may want to use clear glassware to keep an eye on things. Don't get bugged at your next bbq. For more information on mosquitoes, flies, ants and yellow jackets click here