Burger King Popular with Hungry Rodents Managers at a Burger King in Clearwater, Florida – the home of the original franchise restaurant, founded back in 1953 – are probably dreaming of rats and mice. The restaurant has been overrun and is now on the media radar as a decidedly poor choice in dining. Burger King corporate offices and health inspection officials have given conflicting reports about whether the restaurant was temporarily shut down on June 18th. But, given the evidence of rodents, perhaps it should have been if it wasn't. Several health code violations were nothing too unusual. Boxed soft-serve ice cream was being stored on the floor; liquid eggs were left on the counter at 56 degrees. But a string of other violations, like grease build up and soiled ceiling tiles, were also noted during the inspection. Worst of all – and the reason for the alleged closing – were evidence of rodents. Hamburger buns had been gnawed when left under the front counter. In the same area, and near the sink and storage unit, were scattered rodent droppings. Burger King head offices disputed the closure, but the health code violations are a matter of public record.