Change of season equals change in pests As the weather changes from a hundred and devil spit degrees to a more manageable 80-90 degrees throughout fall, a different group of pests may choose to invade your home. It is very important to stop them in their tracks before you have a total infestation. Mice are one of the main household pests that will appear during the cooler months as they try to find a warm happy home full of table scraps and crumbs to feast on. One may look cute from across the room but keep in mind there is never only one. This isn't Highlander. Some tips to protect your home from these furry beady eyed critters are to check both inside and outside your home for holes and openings, and seal them with caulk. Clear clutter of dead branches, fire wood, etc. away from the side of your home, pests can make their homes there, and that is too close for comfort. Clean your home often, I know that sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised. Sweep away any cobwebs you may find and move your furniture periodically to vacuum any webs not seen on a daily basis. For more information on keeping household pests at bay this fall, click here