Crusade Against Chagas Disease A sneaky little pest called the kissing bug carries one of the most dangerous diseases on the planet, Chagas disease. It affects approximately 7.5 million people in the world, mostly in Latin America. However, this nasty pest has decided to cross the border into the US and is now endangering our own citizens. In reaction to the rising number of people contracting Chagas disease researchers at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy have issued a plea for our two countries, the U.S. and Mexico, to join together in the fight against this deadly disease. Researchers call for the two governments to join forces and increase awareness of the disease among healthcare providers as well as the community, including creating programs to control and monitor the spread of the disease and develop treatments for it. The disease is spread when the kissing bug draws blood much like a mosquito from unwary people…and then defecates on them. That is how the disease is actually spread – through their feces. Let me know when you are officially grossed out. We need to band together to defeat this non-potty trained bug! Have you heard of Chagas disease? Do you think our governments should come together to fight against it?