Did You Know? Spiders Feast on More than Just Insects Most people find them creepy and will take the necessary steps, such as hiring a professional pest management company, to keep these insects out of their homes. But others don't seem to mind having a spider or two around the house, as they are known to eat other insects. However, scientist Martin Nyffeler, who studies spiders at the University of Basel in Switzerland, has discovered that some spiders also eat plants. "I always found this topic very intriguing," he says, "since I am a vegetarian myself." Nyffler and his team have observed that some spiders feed on leaves by digesting them with enzymes prior to eating, just as they do when eating other insects. Other spiders pierce a leaf with their chelicerae, and then suck out plant sap. What's more, some even drink nectar from flowers and other plants! Are you surprised that some spiders have a "vegetarian" diet? Do you do what it takes to keep them out of your home?