Do You Know What a Formosan Termite is? The Formosan termite is an abundant wood-eating insect. Many people in New Orleans consider this insect to be a nuisance, in particular in the high season (reproductive season), May. It is around this time a year, when swarms surprise visitors and disturb communities. Formosan termites are considered large for a termite and are harmful to properties. These termites like to move in swarms are attracted to warmer climates. Area's typically affected by these termites are in Southern climates like Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and even Hawaii. These termites are relatively new to the United States, however, that does not mean that they aren't already making a big impact, especially in the Spring. Alates like to nest within termite underground, above ground in trees, and even worse in the wood of homes. They stay in these nests until the conditions are right for them to move; warm temperatures, humid air and winds of less than 5 mph. When the conditions are right to move, the termites swarm towards the light of the moon, however rarely do their flights last more than 300 yards. Man made, unintentional artificial moons, such as streetlights, porch lights and lighted windows often attract these insects. The University of Florida reports that when these termites are above ground, they can often cause "damaging tube-like destruction to homes." Has your home ever been infested? What did you do?