Environmentally Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Ants and Termites

No home or apartment is safe. There is some kind of insect or pest invading your space including ants and termites.  Dealing with harsh solutions can harm you, your family and the environment. You know not to let them take over, so take back your home by containing or eliminating the threat altogether.  Here are some environmentally responsible ways to handle ants and termites with .

Ant Pest ControlAnts

Along with being a nuisance the ant will either eat your food or eat the structure of the home.  The ant comes from a colony and if the colony is threatened it will not hesitate to bite back.  However, there are responsible and environmental ways to contain the situation.

  • Seal cracks:  Cracks and other crevices that ants enter from the outside should be sealed with caulk.
  • Remove food:  Remove access to sugary foods and other foods by placing foods in an ant-proof container.  Clean up food spills on the floor with a vacuum or broom.  Clean dishes, pots and pans in the sink.
  • Trees:  Cut limbs and branches of trees that hang over the home.  Ants use this as a route to enter the home.
  • Household solutions:  There are plenty of things around the home that will deal with ants.  Some examples are vinegar, dishwashing liquid, cinnamon and baby powder.  Clean the home with vinegar or dishwashing liquid.  Sprinkle baby powder or cinnamon on the ant or ant colony.  Ants don’t like the smell of either and will not come back.


Termites eat away at wood until your home is destroyed. There are plenty of responsible methods you can use to control the situation.

  • Seal gaps:  Some termites like soil and water while the other like small cracks in wood.  Remove access to both.  Sweep soil off porches and destroy soil that’s shaped like a mud tube around the home.  Don’t use mulch as it attracts termites.  Fix moisture problems in crawlspaces, basement areas, the roof and the foundation of the home.  Water plumbing, gutters and HVAC condensation must be fixed and fully dry.  In addition seal off water and gas lines so they won’t enter the home.  Seal cracks, joints and crevices.
  • Removal:  Inspect lumber for termites before use in indoor or outdoor projects.  Remove the infected ones.  Inspect trees and firewood for termites and remove those.  Place them in the trash can.  Never bury them underground.  Pay special attention to wood shingles and the area around it.
  • Paint:  Painting wood can seal cracks in wood so termites won’t get inside.
  • Bug screens:  Add bug screens over every vents in the home.

Be sure to add Hulett to the list of environmentally responsible ways to remove ants and termites.  We will inspect the home for termites using techniques like our No Tent Termite Control for Drywood termites and Liquid Defense Termidor treatment for Subterranean termites.  Call us at 866-611-2847 and let us tackle the pest or for more information on our services.