Do you have any idea of the damage a termite can cause? Termites can cause up to 5 billion dollars in home and property damage a year and much of this damage may not even be covered by your insurance. They will silently destroy support beams, stairs, floors and walls. This can be a very hard expense for you to chew on. These tiny pests have a very large appetite and will eat all day, every day. That's right. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They love to eat the cellulose in wood and what many people don't realize is that cellulose is also in books and your wallpaper too. These pests will have no problem diving into your home library or believing your wallpaper comes from Willie Wonka's factory. Your home is filled with tasty delights for them to graze away! The fact that damage happens at a very slow pace is good news for a home owner. This will give you the time needed to take careful precautions. An annual inspection can help not only prevent termite damage, but also stop them in action before it gets serious and causes un-repairable damage. An experienced, licensed inspector is recommended. For more information on termites click here