With over 20,000 species of Ants in the world and many calling south Florida home it can be difficult to keep them from invading your business. Break rooms are especially vulnerable due to the constant availability of food and sweets such as sweeteners commonly used for coffee service. With a proper prevention routine by your employees and a professional pest treatment you can ensure they don't infest your business.

Pest Prevention

It is essential that business's with break rooms for employees take necessary precautions to prevent an ant infestation. It is ideal to have a system for all employees to follow on where to store their food, areas of disposal and cleanliness guidelines. All food must be properly stored out of the reach of bugs or an ant infestation can happen quickly.  It is also necessary to keep items such as sugar, creamer and food condiments in sealed container. Food waste needs to be kept in a closed trash bin and emptied nightly. The break room tables, countertops and floors need to be kept clean and free of food debris which is an ant attractant.

Pest Treatment

It is critical that you have a pest treatment program in place for your business. A professional Exterminator in West Palm Beach, FL can treat your entire business inside and out to prevent not only ants, but many other common pests that reside in the warm subtropical climate of south Florida. Treatments are available that will reside in our break rooms and are completely safe to be around the food, coffee service products as well as food condiments. They are most often an unseen device that makes a world of difference to your employees by ensuring they have healthy clean environment to enjoy their mealtime. To learn more about the different types of ants that are a threat to your business and find a pest treatment program that is best for your business, please contact us or call (866) 611-2847.