Fall Gardening Warfare With the planting of fall crops also comes the inevitable warfare against garden pests. Be prepared and don't let them run rampant on your beautiful tomatoes or cauliflower this year. Tomatoes are in danger especially from the tomato hornworm, a large caterpillar that feed voraciously on your plant's foliage. You can knock them out with products such as Thuricide or Bio-worm Control, but it is more effective to be on the lookout for damage and quickly find and remove the pesky critter. Hard to control stink bugs are also a problem. They inject digestive juices into the fruit, which results in tough, lumpy tomatoes. Sevin is a good product to use against this kind of attack. Cole crops such as cabbage and broccoli are in danger from small green caterpillars called cabbage loopers. You can use the same products used on tomato hornworms to fight these hungry pests. Fire ant activity also increases in the fall. To counteract these guys you can either apply insecticides with spinosad or acephate in the ingredients to their mounds or apply bait like Amdro over a larger landscape for the ants to carry back to their mounds. Kill the buggers! What fall pests are you worried about? What precautions have you taken this year?