Five Insect Invaders Agriculture specialists with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have found five destructive insect species entering our country through imported containers of fruit. They intercepted Steirastoma histrionica, a species of longhorned beetles, in March. These pests pose a significant threat to coniferous and deciduous forests. Paulinia , a species of grasshopper was found in containers of Columbia pineapples. This pest poses a threat to grains, pasture, and vegetable crops. Donus zoilus, a species of clover leaf weevil, was discovered in Costa Rica pineapples, and poses a threat to clover and alfalfa. Limnobaris calandriformis, another species of weevil, was found in Costa Rica pineapples. They pose a serious threat to palms and potentially carry the red-ring disease. Parandra, a species of borer insects, were found in a shipment of steel coils and plates from Brazil. This species attacks and kills live trees. As the insect pests were caught before they could transfer to any plants, officials are not yet worried about the possibility of them affecting our plants, but continue to be on the lookout for any of these pests in future containers. What do you think about these pests being found in our imported items? Do you think the current control measures are strong enough?