Giant Centipede? No thanks! They are large, they bite and they can enter your home through any small space. The giant centipede can measure up to eight inches long, and carry a very painful venomous bite. These centipedes have large fangs which are capable of sinking into any soft tissue. They are also dangerous because they have the ability to move their bodies erratically. These two coupled together make them especially hard to catch if you find one in your home. While they are certainly creepy to watch, and hard to get rid of, the actual threat of the centipede is minimal. They have very powerful venom to subdue their prey when they are hunting. The venom is said to be as powerful as a rattlesnake's venom. However, the amount of venom they actually use is so minimal, the worst thing a human will feel is pain and discomfort. There are no recorded deaths from a centipede bite. Some say that it is misleading to describe this critters attack as biting. Rather they pinch and then use their claws to inject the venom. They love to feast on spiders and other household pests. It is very rare to find one of the eight inches long size, typically they only reach an inch or two. For more information on centipedes, please click here