During the next two months, many South Florida residents will be making lots of plans and enjoying the holidays. Of course in all of that seasonal excitement, it is very easy to forget about termite control in West Palm Beach. That's why we wanted to remind everyone that now is a great time to establish or renew annual termite protection plans. Remember, although termite activity may slow down in the cooler months it doesn't end completely. As such, any termite colonies that may exist in a person's home or on thier property will continue to feed and do damage. So everyone should continue to be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Those signs include the presence of bubbling paint, mud tubes, hollow wood sounds and piles of frass. In addition to eating, the termites will also undoubtedly be preparing for their spring swarming rituals. That's usually about the time they start looking for more space to accommodate their growing population. Therefore, setting up an annual termite protection plan now may just help minimize the colony's warm weather expansion. At Hulett Environmental Services, our assortment of annual protection plans collectively cover damage by three different types of termites. Those types include subterranean termites, Formosan termites and drywood termites. All three types eat cellulose but have variations in behavior. Because of that, each annual protection plan will obviously vary based on the type of termite involved. However, all of the new plans traditionally start with a free termite inspection. Depending on the plan, South Floridians may also be eligible to receive a complimentary perimeter spay and a $1,000,000 damage warranty. For more information on annual termite control in West Palm Beach, please contact us at (866) 611-2847. Our team would be delighted to explain each plan in detail and arrange for an initial site inspection.