Gypsy Moth Mania The invasive gypsy moth looks like it may be making a resurgence in the United States. The warmer than average winter comes with the possibility of the gypsy moth population surging. These insects can spread and produce offspring on a massive scale. One egg mass from a female gypsy moth can produce 500 hungry caterpillars. That means it won't take long for these invasive pests to flourish in this warmer weather. This spells serious bad news for our trees. When a gypsy moth infests a forest their caterpillars eat the leaves of trees and shrubs, ultimately killing the plants. Repeated infestations can result in the destruction of countless trees. Trees stressed by drought and other factors are in even greater danger of being killed by these voracious pests. If the infestation becomes bad enough officials will put quarantines into effect. People need to be on the lookout for these black caterpillars with white tufts of hair, as seeing just one could mean many more are on their way. Have you ever seen a gypsy moth? Have you seen the devastation they can wreak?