Head-Hunting Fly Researchers have found a species of tropical female flies that bite the heads off of ants and enjoy them for dinner. It's usually the ants in the tropics that swarm over anything on the forest floor to grab a meal, so it's interesting to see another bug taking a chunk out of these vicious food hogs. The flies are able to sense injured ants due to the pheromones wafting from them, which cue the flies to come grab some lunch. The flies then swoop in and chop off the injured ants' head with long, sawlike weapons attached to their jaw. They have to be fast, though, or risk becoming a meal themselves. These flies are only a fraction of an inch long, much smaller than the big head of the trap-jaw ant, the only species they choose to dine on. The flies were discovered when a group of scientists were studying parasitic phorid flies in Brazil and one of them happened to witness a fly swoop in and snatch the head off of an injured ant. That's what I call resourceful. Have you ever witnessed any strange behavior from insects around you? What bizarre things have you seen?