Getting an insect bite or sting can be a huge pain, especially if you don't have anything at home to treat it. There are everyday household items you can use to treat bites or stings that people have been swearing by for centuries. So, forget running to the store, just look in your pantry for a home remedy. When your first stung move slowly away from the insect, as the bee that stung you will warn other bees, making them more likely to sting you as well. You should remain as calm and quiet as possible, as venom spread faster through the bloodstream with movement. Make sure you remove the stinger as soon as possible. You can remove the spines of a puss caterpillar by putting cellophane tape or facial peel on the spot and ripping it off. Apply an ice pack on the sting and elevate the limb to reduce swelling. Then you can take a nonprescription medicine such as Tylenol, an antihistamine, or hydrocortisone cream to relieve the pain and itching. What do you do to treat insect bites and stings?