Want To Buy Your Own Butterflies For Your Special Occasion? This Startup Can Make It Happen As worldwide contests for picture-perfect parties are doing their rounds on Pinterest, a couple's butterfly-selling startup offers a unique and ethereal touch to celebrating special occasions. Rose Franklin's Perennials, has been run since 1991. The Pennsylvania-based nursery is owned and personally managed by Rose Franklin and her husband, Andrew Smith. The couple sells about 80 different plants from their nursery, but hope to scale back on plant selling and instead expand the side of their business related to selling adult butterflies. The couple started by selling butterfly eggs and caterpillars to citizens and other homeowners during the summertime, and come August, would sell to schools, so children can get to watch the metamorphosis and butterfly life cycle in progress. Franklin hopes that with an increased demand for butterflies, they can eventually scale back their plant inventory from 80 to 40 types, and bring their focus to raising the former, delightful creatures. Targeting the events market seems like a viable option for increasing butterfly appreciation. The thought of releasing live butterflies in a wedding as an alternative or complement to the traditional pigeons is an enchanting idea worth realizing. And if you move on to other parties, such as a debutante ball, or a little girl's fairy-themed party, or a boy's safari-themed birthday, a mother-to-be's baby shower, a bridal shower, a play or a musical, the possibilities become endless and more fascinating to imagine than the last. The couple are holding open houses on schedule to showcase their butterflies as well as to teach proper care. Online order information and other details can be found on their site at butterflybushes.com.