Humane Ways to Take Care of Pesky Bugs

Humane Ways to Take Care of Pesky Bugs

Insects are a fact of life, but it’s only natural to want a bug-free home.  If you have an infestation, or simply want to control disease-carrying varieties like mosquitoes, it is possible to remove them without harm to your or the bug.

The most common and troublesome types of bugs include ants, wasps, and roaches.   Each of these types can be prevented or removed rather than killed.

Ants can be dealt with through observation.  Follow any line of ants back to its source, leave a piece of lemon peel or some lemon juice there.  Or, use mint, cinnamon, coffee grounds, chili or cloves.  Peppermint spray can be used in cracks and nooks of your house.

Wasps are less loved than bees, but they are also pollinators.  Spraying with water can work, but can also provoke them.  For prevention, take advantage of their territorial nature and put paper bags where nest might pop up.  Such bags look like wasp nests, and they won’t settle if they think other wasps are nearby. Smoke also works, and like tear gas does them no substantial harm but will cause them to move away.

Cockroaches can be prevented by keeping your living space clean.  Seal all containers of food, don’t leave dirty dishes out, and take the trash out regularly.  Roaches also avoid certain foods, so these can work as a deterrant:  bay leaves, garlic, catnip and, surprisingly, cucumbers.

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