Hybrid Termites Flourish Under Unusual Palm Beach County Heat The arrival of spring and summer seasons have always heralded the arrival of tourists and local vacationists. But recently, Florida has also been teeming with something -- or in this case, some things, a little more than unwelcome: termites. And if the presence of exotic tourists lounging under the Palm Beach County heat are not unheard of in this time of year, the presence of exotic termites have now also been discovered to swarm aplenty, thriving almost maniacally under the same unusual warmth of the season. University of Florida entomologists announced the discovery of a new "super termite hybrid", believed to be a product of climate-directed mating seasons that, due to the unusually hotter and extended summer, now overlap. All through March to May, South Florida reached its warmest recorded season, according to the National Weather Service in Miami. In West Palm Beach, temperatures were also higher than the historic norm by 4.1 degrees, which resulted in a field day for heat and humidity-loving termites. "There is no exactly correct answer as to why it's such an active swarm season this year, but it is," said Greg Rice, marketing director for West Palm Beach-based Hulett Environmental Services. They may not be sure about what's causing the recent termite swarms, but those intense infestations are certainly the culprit for why Hullet's termite business went up 27% in May compared to the same period in 2014; Guarantee Floridian's termite treatments doubled over 2014 according to sales manager Carlos Pedroso; and business went up 40% last year and geared for another increase this season for West Palm Beach-based Beach Environmental owner, David Sprague. It just goes to show that where there's a field day for pests, there's also a peak in the pest extermination business, as they get down to the nitty and gritty with not only their old nemesis, the original dry-wood termite -- but now have the added pleasure of meeting the newcomer hybrids.