Maggots and Modern Medicine Maggots are amongst some of the most despised critters for many, but they have actually been huge assets to medicinal purposes for centuries. Most have heard about maggot debridement therapy, or MDT, in which sterile larvae are applied to a wound to essentially "eat away" the infection. Believe it or not, this procedure has saved not only limbs, but also lives! And according to reports, researchers from North Carolina State University and Massey University in New Zealand have found that genetically engineered maggots can clean non-healing wounds and promote cell growth more than initially thought. Researchers are exploring a human growth factor, which the maggots secrete while removing dead tissue, enabling cell growth. Not only is this good news medically, it is also a fairly cost effective procedure compared to alternative treatments. What do you think? Are you as impressed by these 'magical' maggots as we are at Hulett Environmental Services?