Man vs Bugs: A Look At The Age-old Battle There are 300 pounds of insects for every pound of human. In a traditional battle, this gross outnumbering of "force" is a sure sign for an overwhelming, crushing, depressing defeat. And if these bugs weren't so tiny, we humans would probably have gone extinct long ago. Of course, a lot of benefit can also be credited to that riveting organic machine perched atop our otherwise helpless heads. Thanks to the human brain, we have formulated ways -- from the deadly efficient to the creatively comical -- to defend ourselves from what most of us consider to be age-old nuisances. Here are just some examples of the more creative weapons we can use to make fending pests off more fun than just a plain old chore:
  • Bug-A-Salt 2.0 - If action-packed shooting is more your kind of game, then the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 might be the right bug exterminating tool for you. This plastic shotgun can fire up to 80 blasts of table salt -- enough for you to put down dozens of those terribly slippery houseflies you've been trying to get rid of for days.
  • The Commander Mosquito Magnet Trap - If a mosquito invasion is your problem, then this semi-intelligent mosquito death trap is your friend. Leave it on your backyard or front porch and it will do its job -- and if you have it wifi-connected, will dutifully send you text and email updates along the way.
  • The Executioner Pro Zapper - If you're more of the sporty type, then this electric tennis racket-like contraption might be just the perfect handheld accessory for you. Multi-purpose to the core, you can practice your tennis chops and arm swings at the same time you get to zap those flies, mosquitoes and other pests to death.
Indeed, there are other more prudent ways to handle your house pests, such as calling pest control professionals. But sometimes, in the spirit of livening up uneventful domestic chores, you just have to get a bit more cheeky with the little spirited buggers.