Massive Boom in Insect Repellent Sales Lines are forming outside convenience stores, people waiting in anxious anticipation to get into the store and purchase as much insect repellent and bug zappers as they can carry out of the store. The threat of the Zika virus is looming over the country as we get closer and closer to summer and the ideal temperatures and conditions for mosquitoes to flourish and invade our homes, streets, backyards, parks…pretty much our entire world. People's interest in buying insect repellent and bug spray has increased to near astounding levels. Many stores are stocking extra insect repellent and bug spray in response to the greater demand for the products. For example, one store increased their insect repellent and bug spray inventory by a whopping 25 percent. Demand for the products have increased  by 50 percent throughout the country. And with the Zika virus looming over our heads people are finally doing everything they can to learn more about the virus. Citizens are mostly concerned for young individuals that are coming to the point in their life when they want to have children, as the Zika virus has been proven to cause microcephaly in newborns. One new bug trap that seems promising is the Mosquito Magnet. This propane-powered device releases carbon dioxide into the air. This attracts mosquitoes, who are then sucked up through a vacuum into a net. Have you started preparing for the Zika virus? Can you think of any other ideas for bug traps that would work to get rid of these nasty pests?