Miami Homeless Shelter Infested With Bed Bugs A homeless shelter in downtown Miami has such a bad infestation of Bed Bugs that residents are considering to return to the streets. "I am in fear mainly for my newborn, I have to have him sleep in a swing because I don't want him to sleep in the bed with me, because the simple fact that I'm scared that he's gonna get bit and he could end up in hospital," one mother said. "He can't sleep in the bed with me, he's can't sleep in the crib he has to sleep in the swing, I have to constantly be checking his body to make sure that he has no bites." Another mother said, "My daughter wakes up screaming in the middle of the night because she's getting bit, I catch them on her, I catch them in her hair." The Chapman Partnership, which runs the shelter, has admitted that there is a Bed Bug problem. In a statement, The Chapman Partnership said, "Bed Bugs are not an uncommon problem at emergency shelters. We have a comprehensive plan to treat all clothing and belongings during intake as well as regular fumigation." Do you think The Chapman Partnership is doing enough to eradicate the Bed Bug infestation? We hope they are working with a professional pest management company that specializes in Beg Bug control. Remember—Bed Bugs are always a job for the professionals!