Somewhere in the Moroccan desert there is a new species of spider that was discovered to be capable of cart wheeling around everywhere in the sand, including up dunes. This flic-flac spider, named for its cart wheel move, is able to move across the desert at incredible speeds thanks to the gymnastics it performs. And the person who discovered it decided to put this spider's ability to move across the sand into a robot. The spider robot, called the Tabbot, performs the same function almost, rolling across the sand at a fast pace, both up and down, and because of its development, it might be something we use on other worlds such as Mars, which is known for having lots of red sand areas. This interesting mode of getting around, isn't just that too. The spider can also use this somersaulting to scare off predators by jumping at them, or to simply escape predators by moving faster and more erratically than them. The spider also works on creating little huts made of silk for the times when the desert heat is too much to even be moving. Of course this isn't the first spider to be discovered capable of maneuvering through the desert with gymnastic characteristics. However, it is the first spider that can do that going up and down sand dunes. Most other spiders that exhibit this behavior can only do it going down sand dunes. Who knows what other mysteries and inspirations other parts of nature can unfold for us?