Over the years, Floridians have seen their share of crime dramas. Some have featured nefarious ne'er-do-wells of epic proportions. Others have had casts of characters whose shadows were no bigger than 1/32 of an inch. Those are the ones that our Palm Beach pest control pros have busted on more than one occasion. Yes, we are referring to South Florida's little incorrigibles, the thief ants. Known for their tiny frames, these ants have a penchant for home invasions and greasy grub. They've also been known to impersonate and steal from their fellow ants. So it's safe to say that there is no loyalty among multi-legged thieves. The ants typically sport yellow, two-segmented bodies and a stinger. They also tend to grow no bigger than 1/16-inch in length. So it is not uncommon to find them lurking in areas too small for other creatures to inhabit. Some of the places where they have previously sought refuge from our Palm Beach pest control pros are masonry cracks and the hollow cavities of walls. It is also worth noting that each year the thieves swarm from early summer to late fall. During that time, they are looking for mates, ill-gotten homes and food. As such, South Floridians should keep a watchful eye out for the diminutive criminals while the weather is still warm. Signs of infestation often include trails of ants near a home's electrical outlets or grease traps. Once the thief ants find a good hide out, they tend to stick around awhile. Each nest usually has multiple queens, whose offspring are capable of reaching maturity in approximately two month's time. When they do reach maturity, they join the others in a life of crime. Would you like to learn more about the notorious thief ants, including how to end their crime spree? If so, please contact our Palm Beach pest control pros online or toll-free at (866) 611-2847.