Plant and Insect Predictions for 2016 What will insect populations look like in 2016? How will plants respond next spring if the dormancy triggers are not fully met? The insects that will survive this year's winter above ground have survived because they can tolerate temperatures below zero, which means that the insect populations going into 2016 will not be any different. If mild winter weather patterns continue, insects that are not winter hardy will already be here rather than traveling up from the south or other warmer parts of the country. Plants normally go dormant during winter based on the day length and when they come out of dormancy is based on the temperatures. Dormancy is how plants survive below-freezing temperatures in order to trigger next years' blooms. Gardeners may expect to see some erratic blooms in 2016, in terms of uneven blooming or perhaps being later or earlier that we typically expect. What kind of plant and insect populations are you wishing for in 2016?