Repelling pests: Myths and Truths Warm temperatures and weather lend survival needs to pests. We are willing to experiment with almost anything to rid our home of unwanted bugs. There are many DIY remedies, but do they work? Ron Harrison has some explanations on the myths and truths of every day household items that can help with the prevention to keep bugs away and out of your home. It is true that some oranges will actually repel cockroaches. It won't stop them from invading other parts of your home though. Remember an adult cockroach is able to squeeze under a space as thin as a coin. It is a myth that fire ant can consume dry grits and then their stomachs explode when they consume water. You can prevent fire ants by removing any food or water sources such as pet food and water, spills and open food containers. It is true that a bag of water can repel flies. This is confusing to the fly as the light reflects the water inside. It is a myth that dryer sheets repel mosquitoes and spiders and some rodents. The claims have no scientific research to back the theory, but rubbing a dryer sheet along the baseboard will help pick up any leftover crumbs. It is true that a simple solution of soap and water will repel garden bugs such as aphids. Spraying the solution on your beloved plats every couple of days can help rid them of aphids. For more information on fire ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, aphids and rodents click here