"Roachy" Personalities? florida roach contol Over the years there has been much attention given to the idea of personality. Among human beings, having a unique and attractive personality is important and the key, in most professions to be being successful. And while the idea that human beings all have their own personality that is different from all other humans may not be 100% true, we all have our own individual characteristics that make us who we are. Researchers studying the behavior of insects have recently discovered that cockroaches have individual character traits. This discovery might help explain why the cockroach have had a greet deal of evolutionary success. Isaac Planas Sitjà, one of the researchers from the Université libre de Bruxelles who studied the personalities, said that the observed personalities have been categorized as "shy or cautious and bold or explorers." According to Sitja, "shy roaches are those that spend more time sheltered and do not explore their surroundings as much, while bold individuals spend more time exploring and less time sheltered." The findings were published in the Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society. Different personalities assist in the survival the species because they increase the chances of that some in the group will survive. The personalities of individuals can also affect the behavior of groups of cockroaches. Cockroaches used in the study were measured for the speed with which they found shelter and the time they spent exploring and seeking out new supplies of food. In their natural environment, the differences in personality could lead the more adventurous cockroaches to find new supplies of food but could also increase the chances of them being preyed upon. During the experiment, researchers attached radio tags to American cockroaches in order to monitor their movements. The roaches were kept in darkness during the experiments and were released in groups in areas surrounded by electrified wires to prevent escape. https://au.ibtimes.com/cockroaches-have-different-personalities-1421834