We know cockroaches as those tiny, annoying bugs that always gross us out. Whenever we try to get rid of one, it always scurries into those little nooks or crannies that our broom just can't reach. However, scientists intend to turn this irritating aspect into something useful, as they prepare to modernize these insects in order to help mankind. Surprisingly enough, cockroaches are extremely easy to ‘hack', and recent studies have shown that we're able to override their senses by implanting different types of electrodes or sensors. This means that we'll be able to use these tiny critters to explore disaster scenes, such as rubble produced from an explosion. It'd be much easier and faster attaching a microphone and pushing a cockroach to go through debris, instead of using human manpower to sluggishly move it out of the way. We'd be able to find survivors and focus on key points of interest rather than having to clear everything out piece by piece. Researchers at Harvard already are beginning constructing robotic cockroaches, which they hope will be used to gather data about ecosystems, or test for pollution. A basic ‘DIY Robo Roach Kit' has already reached its Kickstarter goal, and hopes to available in the coming years for a low price of $99. This means that with controlling cockroaches to be more accessible to the general public, for a relatively cheap price, we'll hopefully be able to begin using cockroaches to benefit our future. Article: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_uk/read/cyborg-cockroaches-with-microphone-backpacks-could-be-used-in-rescue-operations