See the World Through a Wasp's Eye View We have heard it once, and we will hear it again. What's the point of wasps? Unlike bees that serve a distinct purpose, wasps just seem to fly around angrily and sting without warrant. Well, that is not exactly true, but regardless of what you think of wasps, we think you'll be impressed by this video that shows what a wasp sees as it leaves its nest. Researchers who captured the video found that before a wasp leaves its home, it gradually moves around the nest, gaining height and distance with every spin. Then, once enough momentum has been built, the wasp flies away. This ritual helps them remember the location of their home, so they can be sure to make it back. "Our findings tell how wonderfully autonomous, flexible and robust wasps are with their ability to know places in the world and shuttle back and forth between them," said researcher Jochen Zeil from Australian National University in Canberra. "They share this fundamentally important skill with most animals on Earth." It seems that wasps are much more advanced than some originally thought.  However, this shouldn't change anyone's point of view of them completely. They are potentially very dangerous pests that need to be addressed by a professional pest management company. What do you think? Are you impressed with how wasps see and maneuver?