Sexy Bug Repellent by Victoria’s Secret

Usually it’s smart to avoid wearing sweet smelling perfumes during the summer months. You’re likely to get eaten alive my mosquitos, who are very attracted to the floral, sweet scents. But their appears to be a new fragrance on the market that will actually repel bugs better than traditional bug repellants. And who created this magic scent? Victoria’s Secret of course. Their new fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, may just be women’s answer to nasty smelling bug sprays and lotions.

A study was done at New Mexico State University, testing ten different commercially sold products to see how well they repelled mosquitos. The four products containing DEET naturally came out on top, but in a surprising twist of events, Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume was able to repel mosquitos for a solid two hours. This challenges the traditional belief that floral scents attract mosquitos. They may actually give off a masking odor, which lowers the amount of mosquitos attracted to the sweet scent of your human blood. The only stipulation: the researchers did use a high concentration of the scent, which means for it to work you may have to go around smelling so strongly of flowers that mosquitos won’t be the only thing avoiding you.

What do you usually use to repel mosquitos? Would you consider using this Victoria’s Secret fragrance?

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