Smile! You're on Camera! A San Diego weatherman got a surprise on camera when a large bug stalked him during his weather broadcast. Brad Willis was unaware that he was rolling on live TV when a very large flying beetle did a nose dive right for his face. This isn't the first or last time these large beetles will invade your space. Another reporter, Katya Leick from Kansas, was actually swarmed by cicadas while she was filing earlier this year. The cicadas were particularly annoying as every time she started speaking they would come out of nowhere. The reporter stopped and started her segment many times, and the grand all finale of course is watching her reaction as one of these bold cicadas actually landed on her face! Cicadas are large swarming insects that typically stay underground until it is time to mate. They are not at all dangerous to humans, but can be pretty freaky for sure. You may harm yourself during a freak out but that is the worst these flying singers can do. You will know you have cicadas around your yard and in your trees first by their song they sing in the evenings. The males will "sing" to attract their females and warn off any predators. I guess in these two instances, the cicadas wanted to sing their songs on TV! For more information on cicadas, please click here