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The Aftermath of NBA Star’s Bed Bug Encounter

The Aftermath of NBA Star’s Bed Bug Encounter

It made headline news when NBA star Kyle Irving had to leave a February 21st game against the Oklahoma City Thunder because he was physically exhausted after a night of battling bed bugs in his hotel room.

Just as it’s not easy to get rid of bed bugs, it’s also not easy for hotels to get rid of the stigma once it’s been reported there have been bed bugs at their property.

This is certainly the case for the Skirvin Hilton, which is where Irving and his teammates were staying when he noticed bed bugs on his pillow. In the month since the incident, NBA teams gave elected to stay elsewhere.

All 225 rooms of the hotel were inspected and treated after Irving’s sighting, but only one of the Thunder’s opponents (Portland) have stayed at the property since then.

It seems that even if the bed bugs are gone, the fear remains!

What do you think? Would knowing a hotel had a recent bed bug incident prevent you from staying there?

One thing is for sure: when it comes to bed bugs, it’s key to hire a professional pest management company that specializes in bed bug control!