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Hulett Environmental Services: Committed to following the Best Management Practices (BMPs) , released by NPMA

Last year saw an unprecedented spike in the resurgence of bed bugs, with one in five Americans reporting they have had an infestation or know someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel, according to a survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Due to this dramatic increase, Hulett Environmental Services has committed to following the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Bed Bugs, which were released by NPMA.

Developed cohesively by industry professionals, regulators, academics and entomologists, these guidelines provide step-by-step practices for professionals treating bed bugs, as well as consumers securing a professional to handle an infestation.  For treatment to be effective and lasting, it is imperative that professionals and homeowners act as a team.  For example, the BMPs provide specific preparations homeowners can make to facilitate a successful professional inspection, such as reducing clutter, laundering clothes and making minor repairs.  By following these guidelines, Hulett Environmental Services will ensure its clients are receiving optimum service- from detection, to the training of technicians to treatment tactics to post treatment evaluation, while clients will know what questions to ask, what they can do to ensure the success of treatment, and what to expect from their professional partner.

“Our number one goal is always to provide excellent and effective service to our customers, and the Best Management Practices will help us do just that,” said Tim Hulett, owner of Hulett Environmental Services.  “Not only will the BMPs provide us with the best possible tools to eradicate this stubborn pest, they will empower our clients to know what part they can play in helping us successfully solve their problem.  By working together under the guidance of these practices, we can make great strides in the fight against bed bugs.”

The Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs feature guidelines for professionals, as well as suggestions for consumers hiring a professional to treat their infestation, in areas such as:

–   Bed Bug Detection
–   Canine Detection
–   Home Preparation for inspection/treatment
–   Disposal of personal items/furniture
–   Client Cooperation and Treatment Preparations
–   Methods of Control
–   Post-Treatment Evaluation
–   Health and Safety of Customers

The BMPs for Bed Bugs can be found in English and Spanish at http://www.PestWorld.org/bed-bug-bmps

Visit http://site1.das-group.com/pest_control_services/bed-bug-control.asp?type=pest to learn more.

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