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Pest Control Pros in Fort Pierce, Florida Discuss Argentine Ants

Pest Control in Fort PierceArgentine ants are one of the many remarkable creatures that our pest control pros in Fort Pierce, Florida encounter. Perhaps you’ve read about the ants’ super colonies in periodicals like Scientific American and Molecular Ecology. The creatures have received such press over the years for several reasons, including those related to their behavior. It is that behavior that has categorically made them one of Fort Pierce, Florida’s most inexhaustible, defiant invaders to date.

The ants are believed to have migrated here from South America in the first half of the 20th century. Since their arrival, they have adapted to North America’s weather, landscape, food sources and pesticides in an amazing manner. They’ve also managed to run off their competitors and decimate populations of other animals (i.e. lizards). As such, they have truly established a reputation for being a tiny pest capable of creating problems of larger-than-life proportions. That’s why any encounter with them warrants immediate pest control in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The Argentine ants multiply quickly, can travel great distances and tend to grow up to 1/10-inch in length. They’ll also eat just about any human or pet food imaginable. In some instances, they’ve even been known to feed on sewage, carrion, household and industrial refuse.

When it comes to nesting sites, they tend to like setting up shop in the damp soil located underneath of stilt houses. However, other areas are fair game as well. Common places that our Fort Pierce pest control pros have found Argentine ant nests include unkempt flower beds, water damaged wood and household water closets. The pests often enter those areas by following electrical lines, plumbing fixtures and pipes.

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Pest Control in Fort Pierce: A Look at South Florida’s Smallest Acrobats

Pest Control in Fort PierceWhich famous Florida residents are known to fly through the air with ease and walk across high wires? No, we are not talking about Nik Wallenda and company. These guys and gals are much shorter and have many more legs per individual. Give up? Okay we’ll tell you. As pest control pros in Fort Pierce, we were actually thinking of acrobat ants.

Currently found throughout South Florida, they were first noticed in America during the mid 1990s. At the time, their populations were nowhere near what they are today. Scientists were also unsure of the acrobats’ country of origin. So they labeled them as an exotic species. Of course that is no longer the case now that their population has grown.

Physically speaking, they tend to be 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length. You can visually tell them apart from other ants based on the shape of their bodies. They feature two nodes, a heart-shaped gaster, 11-segmented antennae, a sharp stinger and an uneven thorax. Because of their anatomy, the ants tend to be quite flexible. Hence, that’s why they were given the moniker acrobat.

Although they tend to nest outside in pine trees or wooden porches, it is not uncommon for them to enter South Floridian’s homes via high utility wires and low level plumbing. In those instances, the little acrobats are generally scouting for food or water. However, there have been occasions where they’ve decided to take up permanent residence inside of termite damaged wall voids and support beams. They’ve also been known to change nesting sites throughout the year. As such, finding and getting rid of the entire colony can be quite problematic for anyone other than pest control pros in Fort Pierce.

Like many other species of insects, their diets generally consist of sugar and protein heavy foods. Nonetheless, they will also eat other pests should the opportunity arise. Signs of an infestation generally include dead ants, frass and multiple foraging trails.

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